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Birthday Celebrations Day 2!

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Celebrating more friends of Scriptural Grace!

Have you read my 'story ' page? You will find it HERE

Basically I did a dangerous thing! I asked God what would He have me do next? I knew I needed a job that I can do from home, so that I can help with the activities of our church and be available for our son. I love scripture and I knew I wanted to do some form of art with it. I hadn't heard of Bible Journaling but good old Google had! I didn't even realize that there is such a thing as Facebook Groups!

Be careful what you pray for!

I kept hearing the words Scriptural Grace in my heart but I didn't know what that meant. Through prayer, I found Zazzle and an amazing course that teaches you how to set up a store and a few elements of design principles. I now have fun doing Bible journaling on products instead of in my Bible! [ You can read more about Zazzle in my story HERE, about their amazing 100% satisfaction policy and how they have a unique shipping policy that is extremely affordable and is why all my friends from the U.K and Ireland are able to afford to shop with me!] Before I showcase some more of my friends businesses and their Facebook groups, I'm going to show you a little video of a selection of my designs on various styles of mugs!

Let me introduce you to my friend Haidee. I 'met' her in a Facebook group and she just gathered me up and introduced me to Nicola [ another amazing friend that you will read about in a minute!]


1. So here you go. I’m Haidee (I’m from Bolton) and I’ve been married to my hubby for 27 years and we live in Taunton. We have four kids, two have now left home, although I still offer care to my eldest who has Aspergers. I’ve been a stay at home mum, moving around the country with my hubby whilst he trained as a Vicar and onto his various postings. I’ve been fortunate to study an Art degree and explore Art Therapy during those years. I love gathering new friends and at the first Christian event where I went to sell my artwork I took 6 other artists with me, that’s when God told me to become a Community of Creatives. I also began bible journaling around that time and through a friends invitation to lead a workshop I now lead regular workshops, it’s great encouraging those who consider themselves uncreative to play again. It brings me great delight to encourage others in their gifts and so individuals from the Facebook Community began creating bible journaling resources with us. So my little business was born just over 2 years ago, I’ve no previous business experience in this and make it up as I go along. It often feels like a rollercoaster ride with the highs and lows of working independently and there’s so much to learn but I love releasing others to find a creative language to express their faith.

A Community of UK Christian Creatives gathering together to create Prophetic Art, Christian Gifts and Bible Journaling Workshops and supplies. We love running Bible Journaling Workshops and attending National events to encourage Creativity in Faith. God loves to speak to His people and we believe he can do this through any level of creative skill and that he can restore hope and bring healing through Bible Journaling. We love gathering people into our community and enabling those who consider themselves unable to draw to find their creative voice.

Here’s how to find our website for any of our products and workshops. If you fancy getting to know us more join us on Facebook and Instagram For those who love to bible journal and make new friends and even maybe share their own bible pages then do please join our Facebook group - we’ll try and help you link up with others near you and let you know any Bible Journaling Events we know about across the UK.


My name is Nicola and I am the owner of Messy Faith. I design and print all my own bible journaling supplies - physical and digital - and run bible journaling workshops. Products can be used personally, Sunday school lessons, planners, gifts, etc. My passion is to get you excited about the Word of God through creativity and colour which allows you to grow deeper in your intimacy and relationship with God. Facebook Instagram Etsy

Now meet the talented Chelsea! She has a lovely story about what she does and she makes these gorgeous bath bombs - they would make fantastic Christmas presents or a gift for anytime!


1. I am Chelsea a SAHM to 3 awesome kids, crazy chicken lady, adoptive parent, married to my high school sweetheart. 2. My passion is my work with the local crisis pregnancy center. I serve on the board and volunteer as much as I am able. I also started making and selling bath bombs to help with the household income. My page is


Okay, so I may be the only one that is writing for two. I mean I just started up a little secret reselling thing but that’s not what you love here. Who are we... Andrew and Jillian. 38. Married for 14, together for 19. Half our lives now. We have five kiddos, 11-3 all two years apart. We’re pretty much the definition of two halves of a whole. And between all 7 of us, have a multitude of challenges like three kiddos and husband Andrew with an alphabet soup of special needs and brain mechanical wiring differences, my autoimmune disease and myriad of other health stuff.

Andy is an degree trained graphic illustration artist. His day job is taking care of delivery customers while really sharing the gospel with those he delivers too and co workers. With a deep passion for God and obedience. And Gods glory belongs solely to the success of our marriage and breathing because lord knows we’ve lived and experienced enough life to cover three or four lives. Im a at home wife and mom managing the rest, whether that be dr appts, ieps, home care, budget management, or anything else when I’m not being drowned by the sea of laundry, lol. I went to school for special needs education and have my cosmetology license, and have a deep love for all things art and creativity, fashion and makeup, music and writing, and being involved at church in ministries and volunteering when we can.

What do we do...and why... Andy is a prophetic artist. And together we run crosslight artistry. If he gets his way someday some of my work will be featured but for now it’s just Andy’s art. He paints live every Sunday service. Works with many media’s including digital creations and sketching and acrylic painting. Sunday mornings, the art has expanded into a ministry allowing others to worship with art during music worship. Kids come color or paint, other adults come paint with him. It’s been so cool watching God move and grow the ministry. It’s touching so many people within the church and online. It’s reconnected a friend to a relationship with God. Inspired growth. And all because God is using him and his giftings to reach thru to all kinds of people in all walks of life. He loves (and hates because he doesn’t want to fail God) being an instrument for Gods glory, and I get to watch it all. All art work done during service is for sale and partial proceeds go back into our church. We were doing Etsy but currently looking for a new social market to list all his works for sale. I run the behind the scenes. Help manage the social medias. I’m his sounding board and support. Handle the expenses. Help creative direct. He just started doing an local secular artist collective show that runs every few months and is usually the one Christian artist there just being a light in the world.

I also do makeup and hair on the side, but not very often really. And have begun a journey in finding great clothing finds and selling them on Poshmark in my closet @thisfoxycloset, which had been surprisingly good because I really didn’t expect anything. But it’s given me a way to earn some money which helps grow our family in ways that we can give back more.

Really, we do to help others. Either that be with art which is profoundly powerful, or making others feel as beautiful on the outside and they are inside, which can be equally powerful. But it’s all to try and help bring others to an open space where God can reach thru and perform His miracles.

@crosslightartistry is Facebook and Instagram. I’ll try and connect with a web address. But a simple email or pm is all that’s really needed to reach out with questions, custom orders, or purchases.

I have enjoyed sharing about you all again today - check back tomorrow for another post!

We will be giving away a gift card for our shop on Saturday within our Facebook Group - if you think this group would fit you or you have a friend that might be interested, read more HERE

See you tomorrow for more inspiration!

It's all about God's grace!

xx Karen.

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