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Day 3 Celebrating Friends Of Scriptural Grace!

I'm enjoying looking back on this past year that Scriptural Grace has been open. I have been very blessed to meet so many talented people. Before I share more of their stories I want to show off some of my custom bags! These are a bestseller in our shop , probably due to the fact that you can write your own message or Bible verse and some have monograms!

Let me introduce you to:


Okay, so I may be the only one that is writing for two. I mean I just started up a little secret reselling thing but that’s not what you love here. Who are we... Andrew and Jillian. 38. Married for 14, together for 19. Half our lives now. We have five kiddos, 11-3 all two years apart. We’re pretty much the definition of two halves of a whole. And between all 7 of us, have a multitude of challenges like three kiddos and husband Andrew with an alphabet soup of special needs and brain mechanical wiring differences, my autoimmune disease and myriad of other health stuff.

Andy is an degree trained graphic illustration artist. His day job is taking care of delivery customers while really sharing the gospel with those he delivers too and co workers. With a deep passion for God and obedience. And Gods glory belongs solely to the success of our marriage and breathing because lord knows we’ve lived and experienced enough life to cover three or four lives.

I'm a at home wife and mom managing the rest, whether that be dr appts, ieps, home care, budget management, or anything else when I’m not being drowned by the sea of laundry, lol. I went to school for special needs education and have my cosmetology license, and have a deep love for all things art and creativity, fashion and makeup, music and writing, and being involved at church in ministries and volunteering when we can.

What do we do...and why... Andy is a prophetic artist. And together we run crosslight artistry. If he gets his way someday some of my work will be featured but for now it’s just Andy’s art. He paints live every Sunday service. Works with many media’s including digital creations and sketching and acrylic painting. Sunday mornings, the art has expanded into a ministry allowing others to worship with art during music worship. Kids come color or paint, other adults come paint with him. It’s been so cool watching God move and grow the ministry. It’s touching so many people within the church and online. It’s reconnected a friend to a relationship with God. Inspired growth. And all because God is using him and his giftings to reach thru to all kinds of people in all walks of life. He loves (and hates because he doesn’t want to fail God) being an instrument for Gods glory, and I get to watch it all. All art work done during service is for sale and partial proceeds go back into our church.

We were doing Etsy but currently looking for a new social market to list all his works for sale. I run the behind the scenes. Help manage the social medias. I’m his sounding board and support. Handle the expenses. Help creative direct. He just started doing an local secular artist collective show that runs every few months and is usually the one Christian artist there just being a light in the world. I also do makeup and hair on the side, but not very often really. And have begun a journey in finding great clothing finds and selling them on Poshmark in my closet @thisfoxycloset, which had been surprisingly good because I really didn’t expect anything. But it’s given me a way to earn some money which helps grow our family in ways that we can give back more. Really, we do to help others. Either that be with art which is profoundly powerful, or making others feel as beautiful on the outside and they are inside, which can be equally powerful. But it’s all to try and help bring others to an open space where God can reach thru and perform His miracles.

@crosslightartistry is Facebook and Instagram. I’ll try and connect with a web address. But a simple email or pm is all that’s really needed to reach out with questions, custom orders, or purchases.


1. I am Rebekah. I am a WAHM with 5yr old and 2 yr old daughters. My husband suffers from bipolar, social anxiety, and several physical ailments- which make life very... interesting... 2. I am a freelance writer under my business R&R Writing Services. My background is as an accountant, and I have a BComm (writing, history and advertising) as well as a BBus(ProfAcc) and a BCouns, MAppTax and GradDip(ACC). My experience and education have proven invaluable for my writing job. While there are certain jobs that fit me best, I can help with almost any editing or writing task. I also manage the business we’re building for my husband, Mad for Media. He edits videos, creates animations, explainer videos, graphics etc. He’s got great technical skills and is advancing them everyday. 3. I do freelance writing because it’s a way of feeding the kids through my passion for writing. That’s the raw truth of it. It’s not quite what I’d love to be doing but it’s very close. I manage hubbys business because I’m also skilled with business management and he has asked me for direction, strategy and management to keep him from getting overwhelmed. We work well together as a team. 4.

I have been blessed to be a part of a very encouraging Facebook Group called Grace Space: Safe Haven for Christian Moms / Mums managed by Chelsea [ I posted about Chelsea and her scrumptious Bath bombs on Day 2 ] Rebekah and Jillian.

This is their story:

Well, when the three of us came together, it was in the idea to create a safe place for all Christian moms in all walks of their journey after we three were confronted with a terrible issue on another support group we were all apart of. We didn’t know each other before hand. But started messaging each other when one of us had an idea to create our own group. The goal was to stand firm on only biblical truth, but invite all in willing to have open and honest dialogue while being a sacred space to share our mom struggles and life, be a safe place to ask questions, and hopefully open doors in hearts to the real truth of God and Jesus, not the FB Jesus or cultural happy good feeling Christianity the world only wants on their terms. Which is hard at times. We love our members so much. And it’s equally hard watching others struggle spiritually and equally beautiful to watch others see the real heart of God. It’s an humbling honor and a privilege to get even just the online snapshot of sharing lives with the women in our group and to partner in prayer with them. I’ve made what I hope are some long term friendships inside GS. But ultimately we are so thankful that we “met” that day and we’re given the gift to create the group and getting the opportunity to be there for others. I can’t even tell you how some of the members have grown my own faith and made me hungrier for the kind of Jesus they know. And has led to me growing deeper in my own faith.

You will find Grace Space : Safe Haven for Christian Moms/Mums here

Thank you ladies for bearing your hearts!

Next I would like to introduce you to Katie! She is so talented and her beautiful little girl enjoys assisting in Katie's creations!


I'm Katie, I am blessed to be a SAHM of a beautiful one year old. Married to my best friend. My passion is equipping parents and children's ministry workers with toys, gifts, and teaching tools that share the Gospel with the next generation. I make handmade gifts such as fleece carseat ponchos, hats and mittens that are warm and affordable for parents. I crochet toys and dolls that help children learn and explore Bible stories and God's creation such as my Queen Esther Flip Doll. Each item is "tagged" with my ministry verse: Psalm 78:6-7

Rose Marie

My name is Rose Brown and I am the owner of Furniture Revival. I am a lover of all things pretty, and especially my space around me. I have spent most of my life doing what was needed instead of my passions. But today, I am embracing all my loves and passions. I believe in the power of paint....... a great cup of coffee in the afternoon..... and that no room is complete without a bouquet of fresh flowers...... I love flea markets, DIY home projects, beautiful fabrics, decorating and all things vintage. I began refinishing and refurbishing furniture professionally about 5 years ago and I am in love with my profession. My style is my own and I have to admit that I am a rebel and do not follow rules when I decorate or paint a piece of furniture but we all have our vices I suppose, I have definitely evolved in my craft and plan to continue growing and learning in my chosen craft.

Our final talented lady to discover for today is:


1. Who are you? My name is Rosalie Lewis, I am a single mom to three lovely children. Two boys and a girl. I enjoy volunteering at my boys school, and at my church. 2. What do you do/sell/help? I inspire healthy living around the world with an incredible group of women. I also own and operate a private day home. I enjoy volunteering, and working with children. 3. Why do you do it? Just over 3 years ago I lost my father to non Hodgkins Lymphoma, I watched him suffer from a life of over working, and not in taking proper nutrition. I didn’t want the same for my kids, so when a girlfriend shared a product with me, I looked into the research and dove in. Our health has never been better, and we are more active than ever. The day home I opened after my second son was born as I wanted to be able to stay home to raise my kids as I felt I had missed out on so much with my oldest son in a day home while I worked. 4. Add any photos and any links.

I have enjoyed reading and writing about all your stories! Please come back tomorrow for our final post celebrating friends of Scriptural Grace.

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See you tomorrow!

xx Karen.

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