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Happy 1st Birthday Scriptural Grace!

So much has happened with Scriptural Grace over the past year! I have had to learn how to design, email, blog and learn how to be creative and engaging on social media platforms! But I learned that the special ingredient is to let Jesus take the wheel, listen to His promptings and to love His people!

I have joined different courses and Facebook groups to learn all things technological and to enjoy some sweet fellowship. I want to have a Birthday Party and invite all the people I have met in cyber space!

So I have asked a few new friends to share about their businesses and Facebook groups that they run. These ladies are wonderfully talented and have a love for Jesus.

During the week we will be having some Birthday Games in our New Facebook Group. I would love for you to join in!

Day 1 Of Celebrating Friends Of Scriptural Grace :

Come meet my friends - I will let each person speak for themselves!


Hi! My name is Tara! I am a home school mama to 6 beautiful children who are 1-10 years old. I’ve been married to my awesome husband for 15 years and we live in the pac Nw in Washington state! I’m originally from Arizona, but moved here 10 years ago! I am a distributor with a company that has amazing cbd products for people and pets, cbd skincare, hemp hair care, travel discounts, nutritional sprays and essential oils. I started because I was in so much discomfort and started using cbd to help with my discomfort. It helped so much I decided to become a distributor and it warms my heart to have customers feeling better after years! It helped with other things I wasn’t expecting, including sleep, my skin, my stomach, stress and more! So happy to meet you all!


1. Who are you? My name is Jazzmyn, a blessed mama of two little ones, a chill little girl and active new little boy . I also love to plan and spread joy. 2. What do you do/ sell/ help? I sell planner templates to help people organize their lives and Plexus health supplements to help people live their best, happiest lives. 3. Why do you do it? I do it so that I can help people maximize their lives with healthy living and happy planning. 4. Add any photos and any links! and


My name is Rebecca but everyone calls me Becca. I am a single mom of a 14 year old boy. He will always be my baby, no matter how much he protests! I've had a lot of struggles with him, he is on the autism spectrum and has ADHD. It's been an interesting ride! I am an administrative assistant for an agency company in Central Valley California. I also volunteer at my church and am part of the hospitality team. I absolutely love it! My church family is such an integral part of my life and I enjoy being part of that family. I have also started selling Younique as a way to supplement my income. You are more than welcome to check it out. I do all of this simply for my son. I want him provided for and to see how Christian people live and love. Everything I do is for him. God has blessed me with my small family and I will do what I can to guide my son to be a productive member of society.



Aw, thanks for including me in such a blessing!! My name is Jennifer and I own For God's Glory Photography. I capture memories for people who cannot always afford what others charge to take photo's. I do photography on a budget to glorify God and to bless people.


Hi! My name is Sharon Luella Easterling. I am married to an amazing, supportive husband. I have been through so many challenges and trials over the years but God is faithful and has been with us through it all! I am so grateful for His mercy and grace! One of my missions is to encourage others that they are not alone in whatever they are going through and that they are known and loved by God! My business came about this year as I can no longer work full-time because of some chronic health issues. This allows me to work when I am able and to have time to reach out to people who need to hear the message and story that God has given me! I sell Paparazzi Accessories which include necklaces (with matching earrings), rings, bracelets, upgraded earrings, and hair clips for $5. Our Starlet Shimmer jewelry is our children's line for $1 each. I love the variety of styles and kinds of fabulous accessories. We even have a men's ultimate urban line as well as clip on earrings! People can order straight from my Paparazzi website and have it shipped from them, or tune in to me on my Facebook page and order things from my inventory. If you order from me, I only charge $3 for 1-4 items (in the US only), $4 for 5-9, or FREE shipping for 10 or more items! I can do home parties if you are local to the Topeka, Kansas area, Facebook parties for anyone, or even website parties where you can earn hostess rewards!! Paparazzi Accessories make great gifts! Thanks for checking out my business, and thank you Karen for your friendship and encouragement! @Paparazziwithsharonluella


1. Who are you? My name is Jennifer. I'm a SAHM, military spouse and cancer mommy. I've been married for 24 years to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 beautiful girls - 14 and 11. My husband has been in the military for 25 years and we are currently living in Colorado. We are both originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2016 and still continues to fight the brave fight. We pray every day for a healing miracle.

2. What do you do/ sell/ help? I opened an Etsy shop as a side hobby about 7 years ago. I sell handmade, unique items such as coffee cup cozies, bowl cozies, handstitched items and much more.

3.Why do you do it? I LOVE crafting and being creative. It helps my stress level immensely. Once my daughter was diagnosed, I found that it became a place where I could contribute financially -- even a little bit -- to my family. I use the income to help pay for prescriptions and little things my daughters may want or need. I also use the funds to purchase items to donate to the cancer floor at the hospital where my daughter is being treated.

4. Add any photos and any links!

My Etsy Shop: Oh shop is called Sputzy's Stitches and Stuff

Here is my FB page:


1. I am LuAnn Ribley. I have a son 36 and a daughter 32. They are both married and live less than an hour away. My husband passed away 11 years ago from cancer. 2. My joy job is with Trades of Hope! Trades of Hope is a missional business that is creating sustainable jobs for women in the US and around the world. We are members of the Fair Trade Federation and the Direct Selling Association. We create jobs so artisans can have safe working conditions, fair wages, education, and more. Many of the artisans have come from slavery, trafficking, sweatshops, and abuse. We market their hand made, artisanal products through Home parties and Online parties. 3. I was needing something to fill the empty hours that also made a difference in the lives of others. After hearing about Trades of Hope I started researching it and Loved what I was reading. At the same time that I was researching I had the Christian radio station playing in the background and this song came on - it was affirmation that I needed to be a part of Trades of Hope. The song is “Do Something” by Matthew West… it says: "I couldn't bear the thought of people living in poverty, of children sold into slavery, I said "God, why don't you do something?" He said, "I did, I created you!" 4. You can find me on facebook at LuAnn Ribley central IL Trades of Hope. To see the product, read about the mission, or become involved… please visit my website:

Thank you ladies for sharing your stories! It is such a blessing meeting you all!

I have so many more friends to celebrate- check back tomorrow to meet six more amazing women!

Join our new Facebook Group Restoring Beauty For Ashes, for daily devotionals and for our Birthday Giveaway at the weekend! See more information about the group HERE.

It's all about God's grace!

xx Karen.

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