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Practicing The Presence Of God
Bible Study 

31 Days of Devotional Bible Study on the topic of practicing the presence of God, worksheets with questions, and a prayer journal using the A.C.T.S method of prayer.

This study is digital/printable and will be delivered straight to your email inbox so that you can print and start using it immediately!

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6 Weeks (28 Days). 20 Minutes Per Day.

Discover what the Bible has to say about God's presence and how He yearns for you to seek Him. Grow from the lessons you can learn from scripture while using the workbook with guided questions and prayerfully apply them to your life with the prayer journal using the A.C.T.S method of prayer.

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A sample of Day 1 from Practicing The Presence Of God Bible Study and Prayer Journal. It is over 200 pages long and contains the background context of each verse, with some devotional thoughts to stimulate your own study. Questions are provided to help you memorize the verse and apply them to your own personal life situation.  Perfect for giving you clarity on how loved you are by God! There are bonus group discussion questions too.

    The prayer journal uses the A.C.T.S. method of prayer.

  • Use it to prayerfully apply each scripture verse to your life.

  • This method of prayer will lead you to pray unexpected prayers that will well up in your spirit. 

  • Write your end-of-day reflection to consider what God taught you that day.  

  • Plan a time to meet with Him the following day. Planning ahead means you are more likely to succeed in having daily devotional times with God.

An Easy Actionable Plan For Each Day

  • You will learn about Brother Lawerence and how he connected with God while going about everyday living.

  • Background notes on the Bible text, including notes on who wrote the scripture in each day's reading and to whom was it written.

  • Devotional application of the text with questions to guide you through applying the scripture to your current situation.

  • Group/personal Bible study questions, 2 questions based on the text, and 2 questions for application of the devotional Bible study

  • A step-by-step guide on how to use the study

  • Advice sheet on how to use in a group study


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Steps to help you get the most out of the Practicing The Presence Of God Bible study. We have added a review page at the end of every 5 days so that you can look back and consider all that God is teaching you. It is also a great page to use if you using the Bible study in a group setting.

Guided Prayer Prompts to guide you into a deeper relationship with God.

Read and answer

questions digitally on your digital device in a Free notes app or in the inexpensive GoodNotes app.

Or write Your thoughts and prayers in the printable workbook.

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Print Out Pages and add to a binder.

Here's How It Works - Choose Your Package

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as soon as your order is processed, you will be instructed to download the file.

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Print out the pages or read them digitally through your notes app.

I use the GoodNotes app, Samsung Notes and sometimes the Books app on my iPhone!

Study at your own pace. Sometimes you may want to linger on a verse for a few days as you prayerfully study it.

If you use this study with your small group, use the 'Look Back' page and notes page to summarize your thoughts and answers to the guided questions and then discuss them with your group.

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Devotional Bible Study Bundle

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