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Bible Reading Plans | Free Printable

Are you longing to grow deeper in your walk with God?

Watch your faith grow with one of our topical 30-Day Bible reading plans PDF. They are perfect for daily women's Bible study especially if you use the printable devotional journal (Free and paid option).


Following a Bible reading plan is an excellent way to establish a daily Bible reading routine. Read the following tips on how to choose one of our topical Bible reading plans that also contain free Bible study worksheets. Some of our free printable plans also contain a daily planner and guided prayer journal which is perfect for helping you to prayerfully plan your day and to enrich your devotional time with God.

How to choose a Bible reading plan.

To help you choose a Bible plan to start reading, first, consider:


  1. How much time in the day do you have to set aside for your personal devotional time. Our Bible plans can take 10-15 minutes to complete but you can take as long as you need on each verse.

  2. Pray: Ask God to show you what area of your life does He want to encourage you in and to help you to mature.

  3. Choose a topical Bible reading plan. We have 30 Day Bible reading plans on various topics. These topical bible plans are simple Bible reading plans all devoted to a specific topic such as anxiety, who you are in Christ, practicing the presence of God, and many more topics(see below for our list and links to download them).

Topical Bible reading plans.jpg

Printable Bible Reading Plans

All our 30-Day Bible reading plans come with a free printable list of 30 Bible verses (well there may be 1 or 2 that don't have 30 verses in them!), and a guided prayer journal to help you meditate on each verse. There is a place in the journal to write out the scripture verse and then a space for you to prayerfully journal your thoughts or to write out a prayer. There is also a section for you to write down any prayer requests that you need to pray over and a section for you to write about the things that you are thankful for.

Digital Bible Journal

You will find that I frequently talk about digital Bible journaling in all the Bible reading plans. It is the best secret weapon that I have added to my own personal devotional walk with Christ!


I am sure that you are a busy woman just like me. I know that all the thousands of women that visit Scriptural Grace are at different stages in their lives and they may have various reasons that make it hard to carve out that devotional time that they desperately long for with Jesus. I have a solution for you!

The solution to practicing the presence of God throughout your day is to use our free download pdf on your phone or any digital device that travels with you wherever you go. There are many Free apps that read PDFs and allow you to write digitally on them. My favorite app is the XODO app that you will find in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Another great app to use is Goodnotes but it is a paid app. The Books app works perfectly as well. 

Our devotional Bible study books and prayer journals and our more recent Bible plans also contain hyperlinks to the Gateway Bible so that you can click on the verse on the list of scriptures and it will open up for you to easily read it.


Make sure that you are on our subscriber email list (discount codes are frequently given there and you gain access to our subscriber Resource Library). Look out for our Saturday email, you will find the form below to join our happy family at the end of this page.

Topical bible reading plans

Here is our list of topical Bible reading plans (the most recent ones will be at the top - check back each month for new 30 Day Bible reading plans.

Bible plan: 30 Bible Verses on God's Promises - Scripture Writing Plan. (30 Day Bible Reading Plan)

BIBLE PLANS God's Promises.jpg

Did you know that the Bible is a treasure chest full of promises from God? There are 7,487 promises in the Bible according to some scholars. God never breaks His promises!


We will be looking at 30 Bible verses, that are promises given to you. This list of promises of God is taken from the Old Testament and the New Testament.


You will find the scripture list of the promises of God, journal cards, a journal page to help with your devotional time and a beautiful floral print with the Bible verse from 2 Corinthians 1:20 in the PDF that you can download to your phone or print out.

A workbook containing all the information in the post, devotional Bible study and a prayer journal using the A.C.T.S method of prayer is available too in our NEW Prayer Bundle!

Bible Plan: 30 Powerful Resurrection Verses To Live In Resurrection Power. (30 Day Bible Reading Plan)

Bible plan Resurrection Power.jpg

I have chosen 30 Bible verses studying the message of the cross and its resurrection power being activated in our lives. These resurrection Bible verses and the following devotional Bible study will help you live an accomplished life in the power of Christ's resurrection.

Bible Plan: 30 Bible Verses About Choosing Joy In The Midst Of Chaos. (30 Day Bible Plan)

Bible plan: choosing joy bible verses

30 days of Scripture writing and devotional Bible study on choosing JOY!


Are you going through a difficult season of life and need to discover what the Bible says about joy?


I hope to encourage you to renew your mind, by choosing joy even during difficult circumstances. You will find in this post 30 Bible verses on the topic of choosing joy and a Free Printable list of Bible verses and journal pages. If you wish to dig a bit deeper with God on this topic, there is also a devotional prayer journal available.

Bible plan: Timeline Of Jesus Last Week And Free Printable.


Holy Week is also known as 'Passion Week'. It is a sacred time when we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf and a time of celebration when we celebrate His resurrection. We will walk through the timeline of Holy Week and follow the final days of Jesus before His crucifixion, the events of Good Friday, and celebrate His resurrection.

This Holy Week Bible plan with the timeline of Jesus last week will prepare your heart for the celebration of Resurrection Sunday.

Bible plan: God Will Make A Way - 30 Bible Verses And Free Printable. (30 Day Bible Reading Plan)

God Will Make A Way Bible Plan & Study.jpg

Join me in this new 30-day bible reading plan on the topic of, 'God will make a way'. We will take a deep dive for 30 days to discover all that the Bible has to say about God making a way when there seems to be no other way.

I have prepared a free printable reading plan with 30 bible verses from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, a prayer journal/workbook, and a daily planner. If you would like to dive deeper lookout for a discount code for our Bible study workbook!

Bible plan: 30 Psalms For Anxiety, Fear, Worry, And Depression.


Do you ever suffer from anxiety?

I have had very distressing times in the past that led to panic attacks. Reading and praying through the Psalms really helped to calm me.


Join me for the next 30 days in using this 30-day bible reading plan in the Psalms. I have curated 30 Psalms for anxiety, psalms for fear, psalms for worry, and psalms for depression.

There are links to daily devotionals on each Bible verse. I haven't quite finished yet writing on each verse but I hope to soon!

Bible plan: Practicing The Presence Of God: 31 Presence Of God Scriptures.

Practicing The Presence Of God (5).jpg

Would you like to join me for 31 days looking at what the bible says about practicing the presence of God?

  • What does it mean to practice the presence of God?

  • What does it mean to seek God?

  • How do you seek God with all your heart?

  • What are the benefits of seeking God first?

  • How do you rest in God's presence?

There are also links to a daily devotional on each verse.

This is such a beautiful Bible plan and I know you will be blessed as you study and learn about the benefits of being constantly in God's presence.

Bible plan: 30 Bible Verses About God's Amazing Grace (Free 30-Day Bible Reading Plan And Prayer Journal.

30 Bible Verses About God's Grace Free Bible reading plan printable pdf and Guided prayer

Here are 30 Bible verses about God's amazing grace and I have a free printable PDF prayer journal for you to download too.

Do you ever wonder what the Bible says about God's grace?


For the next 30 days, I want to explore the Bible with you and find all the scripture treasure about walking in grace, and learn what the Bible says about grace and mercy.


What is the difference between grace and mercy?

Come on over to the blog to find out more.

Bible plan: 'God Is Love': 28 Bible Verses About Love.

God Is Love _ 28 Bible Verses About Love Free Printable pin.jpg

There are many Bible verses about love and we will be studying 28 of them this month.


This Bible reading plan is focusing on the unconditional love of God for us and Bible verses about Jesus' love.


Make sure you download this bible reading plan PDF with a bible study journal included with prompts to encourage you during your own devotional time.

Bible plan: 30 Powerful Hebrew Names Of God And Their Meaning (30 Day Bible Reading Plan)

BIBLE PLANS Names of God.jpg

Did you know that our God, the God of the Bible has many different names?

I have chosen 30 names of God to study over 30 days and to help with studying the names of God there is a free download PDF containing a list of the Hebrew names of God and their meaning, a guided prayer journal, and a journal page.

You will also find in this post links to 30 devotional Bible studies on each name of God.

It is quite a large study but so worth 30 days of your time.

Here are some of the Hebrew names of God that we will 

Names of God workbook.jpg

Bible plan: Count Your Blessings- 30 Days Of Bible Verses And Devotionals For Thanksgiving. (30 Day Bible Reading Plan)

Count Your Blessings A Thanksgiving Devotional And 30 Bible Verses.png

Come count your blessings with me. I have prepared a Bible plan with 30 Bible verses focusing on three different areas-being content, praise, and thanksgiving.

There are 30 thanksgiving bible verses, a prayer and gratitude journal, and a daily planner to help you order your day and take care of the overwhelm!

A printable digital copy of our Count Your Blessings daily devotional for women is now available for purchase.           


           Look out for a discount code!

It also contains a guided prayer and gratitude journal and a daily planner page. These devotionals are based on the 30 Count Your Blessings Bible reading plan.

This printable 30-Day Bible reading plan is perfect if you are busy but you don't want to miss out on preparing your heart for Thanksgiving.

Bible plan: The Modern Proverbs 31 Woman-Bible Plan And Devotional.


Have you heard of the Proverbs 31 woman? She is famous! She is perfect! She isn't quite real but what treasure there is to be found in this chapter of Proverbs. Will you come and explore Proverbs 31 with me?

We will look at questions, such as

  1. what does it mean to be a Proverbs 31 woman in modern times? 

  2. who is this virtuous woman according to Proverbs 31'?

I have also prepared a free printable for you with the list of bible verses and journal pages to help you explore what God is speaking to you about this Proverbs 31 woman. This printable Bible reading plan is also perfect to use digitally on your phone or tablet!

Bible plan: Godly Surrender - 30- Day Bible Reading/Writing Plan.

Bible plan Godly Surrender

Here is our Godly Surrender printable Bible reading plan.

There is a free printable for you to download in the Resource Library with 30 bible verses about surrendering to God and journal pages.

Join us for 30 days as we learn how to surrender everything to God.

Bible plan: Strong Women In The Bible- Free Printable Women Of The Bible Study. (30 Day Bible Reading Plan)

Strong women in the bible lessons bible study

Did you know that the Bible is full of stories of awesome strong women? There are many lessons to be learned from these female Bible heroes!

This month I have selected 30 scripture verses about 9 strong women in the Bible.

These verses reflect the strong character of these famous women in the Bible. They had to face difficult trials during their lives and they found their strength in God. They weren't perfect but we will learn how God redeems every situation and has a good plan for their lives and ours.

The Strong Women in the Bible devotional Bible study and workbook is now available (lookout for a discount code in the post)

Bible plan: Knowing Who I Am In Christ- 30 Day Bible Reading/Writing Plan

Copy of PIN SET 4A 2020 - 750x1550.jpg

Do you know who you are in Christ? Check out my list of Bible verses on knowing your identity in Christ!

This scripture plan contains 30 Bible verses to read, write and pray through this month, a guided prayer journal, scripture print, and journal cards.

There are more Bible reading plans available on the blog which will be added to this page - coming soon!

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