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Luke Scripture Writing Plan - Christmas Edition

Are you ready to celebrate Christ during this Christmas season?

3 Ideas For Keeping Christ In Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches, our lives often become a whirlwind of shopping, planning, and decorating. Amidst this festive hustle, it's all too easy to let our priorities shift, inadvertently placing less emphasis on the most crucial aspect of the season: spending time in God’s word.

I’ve found myself falling into this pattern, and perhaps you have too. The glitter of decorations, the allure of beautifully wrapped gifts, and the charm of familiar carols can sometimes obscure the profound spiritual significance of Christmas.

The Lord's presence is the best gift!

It's crucial to remember that the heart of this season isn't found in material things but in the quiet, reflective moments spent in communion with God's word, and sitting in His presence.

Here at Scriptural Grace, we have 3 ways to help you focus on Jesus Christ during the hectic Christmas season (the real reason for the season):

Christmas Scripture Writing Plan - Luke

Did you know that if you read one chapter of the Book of Luke each day in December, by Christmas Eve you will have read an entire account of Jesus’ life?

When you wake up on Christmas morning you will know WHO and WHY you celebrate Christmas!

But I invite you to take it a step further.......

Christmas Scripture Writing Challenge

I invite you to write a chapter of Luke every day in December!

Have you ever written passages of scripture by hand?

The process of handwriting scripture can be meditative. It slows down your reading pace, allowing for deeper reflection on the words and their meaning. This can lead to a more personal and profound understanding of the text. It also calms your mind.

Another benefit of handwriting scripture is it helps you to memorize and remember verses better.

Luke Scripture Writing Plan - Christmas Edition Printable

Luke Scripture Writing Plan - Christmas Edition

Luke's Gospel offers a unique perspective on Jesus' life, particularly around His birth, making it especially relevant during the Christmas period. If you start this plan on the 1st of December, by Christmas day, you will have journeyed through an intimate and reflective exploration of the birth of Christ (Luke 1-2), teachings and miracles of Jesus (Luke 3-21), and His death, resurrection, and ascension (Luke 22-23).

When you wake up on Christmas morning you will know WHO and WHY you celebrate Christmas!

Background notes on the beginning of the Book of Luke

Here are some notes on the Gospel of Luke - helpful as you begin your scripture-writing journey!

During the time of Jesus' birth, the Roman Empire, led by Caesar Augustus (reigning from 31 BC to 14 AD), exerted control over the Jewish population. It was under his rule that a census was decreed across the Roman world, primarily for tax purposes. This directive required Mary and Joseph to undertake a journey of approximately 85-90 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem, a trek that would typically span 4-5 days.

Bethlehem, as a result of the census, was likely bustling and densely populated, with many returning for registration. The town’s accommodations, particularly guest rooms in family homes, would have been filled. In such a context, it was customary for families to welcome their relatives regardless of the space constraints. Consequently, Mary and Joseph were likely hosted in a family house, staying in a section typically reserved for animals at night.

This part of the house, while humble, provided a secure and private space for Mary to give birth. In this setting, without a conventional crib available, the newborn Jesus was laid in a feeding manger, a poignant symbol of simplicity and humility at the very commencement of His life on earth.

3 Ways To Use The Luke Scripture Writing Plan

1. Write a chapter of Luke every day for 24 days.

I know your day is probably very busy but I hope for even a few days during December, you find time throughout the day to sit and write a chapter of the Book of Luke either on the notes pages in the printable journal (see below) or in a notebook.

Luke Christmas scripture writing plan printable

2. Write out a summary of the chapter or portions of the chapter that stands out to you.

If you don’t have time to write each chapter, you could just write the Bible verses that stand out to you from the text of each chapter. There is a S.O.A.P. journal included in this printable that is perfect for this.

3. Just read a chapter from the Gospel Of Luke every day and use the prayer journal prompts to pray through it.

There is a prayer journal included to help you record your prayers as you write your way through the Gospel of Luke. It uses the A.C.T.S. method of prayer. Read more about it HERE.

I have just started writing my way through Luke Chapter 1. It is the longest chapter in the book of Luke and it did take me over an hour to write it (because I was constantly interrupted by my husband, son, and dog!) But even though I was interrupted, I had the most glorious time writing out the passage of scripture. I found that I noticed more in the text than I had before.

I also woke up this morning eager to finish the chapter and start writing the second chapter of the Book of Luke!

The Luke scripture writing journal is to encourage you during the busy Christmas season. Do not be discouraged if you can't find time to write out each chapter. Maybe you could start reading or writing each chapter of Luke in the morning and continue with it throughout the day.

Here is a great summary of the Book of Luke from the

Let's Get Started!


Let me know how you get on with this exciting scripture-writing endeavor.

I would love it if you could share with me your thoughts as you work your way through this Scripture plan. You can connect with me via email or on our FACEBOOK page.

Join our Restoring Beauty For Ashes Facebook Group for daily Bible study. You will be tagged daily with the current daily Bible study and prayer resource. We are an awesome group, sharpening each other as iron sharpens iron and encouraging each other to grow in Christ!

And tell your friends about this study. You can share this post on Facebook using the button below or use the Pinterest graphic above in the post.

It's all about His grace

xx Karen.


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