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28 Bible Verses To Calm An Anxious Heart.

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Do you struggle with stress, anxiety or panic?

Anxiety is a problem that most of us deal with at sometime in our lives. We will encounter at some point, the situations that are outside of our control, that lead to worry and fear. When you find yourself in the midst of stressful situations due to any of the following reasons, financial concerns, health issues or stress factors in family life, you may find it impacting your health. Stress and anxiety take a heavy toll on our bodies. It manifests in bouts of insomnia and other physical ailments.

God has an answer! He wants us to run to Him, leave our burdens at His feet and He wants to be invited into the chaos of our everyday lives. I have prepared a resource for you to remind you how Big our God is. It contains a list of 28 scriptures , a beautiful poster of Psalm 61:2 [ see below] and some pretty blue floral stationary to journal your thoughts and help you to listen to what God is speaking to your heart. We will also be using these verses in our daily devotionals in our Restoring Beauty For Ashes Facebook Group, for the month of February.

This is such a beautiful, comforting scripture! I have suffered with anxiety in my life in the past. If you would like to read some of my story, continue reading - if not, just jump down a few paragraphs!

The first time I suffered with anxiety and horrible panic attacks was when I was a teenager. I suffered with low self esteem and my home life was totally out of control. My mom was very ill with cancer and she died very young. I didn't know how to navigate the scary path of puberty and social scenes at school!

I am so grateful to my mom that she told me about Jesus and at this stage of my teenage life, I loved scripture. I already knew the power it contained to pour peace over my troubled soul. So I would memorize different bible verses to get me through my teenage years!

During my twenties, I studied to become an R.G.N, a Registered General Nurse. That was a very stressful time. I used to wear an old fashioned uniform - including a starched white apron with a very handy bib, that you could stash your notebook and little cards with scripture verses on them! God really taught me the power of scripture during this time. Scripture , truly is alive and active! I remember one morning - a busy one and I felt a bit overwhelmed. There was so much to do and organize and I needed to contact a specific person in the X-ray department [ not easy in a busy department]. But I knew my bible verses and managed a quick prayer for help.....The phone rang in the nurses station and it just happened to be the specific person I needed to speak with!

God cares for us. He wants to be involved in our lives. He wants to partner with us in all that we do.

Here are 28 Bible verses that you can read, meditate on, write out and pray over.

Let's talk about how to benefit from this list of scriptures. I find that writing them out, allows you time to learn them and think on them more deeply. I have some pretty journal cards and stationary with prompts to help you during your devotional time. It should take about 10 minutes to write each verse but spend as much time as you have, sitting in God's presence and listening for His Holy Spirit speaking to your heart, instructing and guiding you.

Copying scripture and carrying it with us throughout the day, reading it and memorizing it, makes God's word a part of us. It renews your mind and calms your anxious heart.

Take Action :

Download the scripture verse list, journal paper and the pretty Bible verse print HERE.

Find a quiet place with your cup of coffee, Bible and a favorite pen.

Pray as you write your scripture verse for that day.

Ask God to reveal Himself to you and listen for the Holy Spirit to speak to you.

If you feel convicted of something- confess it and ask for forgiveness.

If you feel moved to worship - worship God! Just enjoy His presence.

Most important : make an appointment with yourself, journal and God everyday for your scripture writing time. I find it works best for me to do it in the morning. It helps me to gain ' God's perspective' on my day. But you do it in your own perfect time. The important thing to remember is to do it and if you miss a day - just double up the next one!

We will be using these bible verses in the month of February as our daily devotionals in our Restoring Beauty For Ashes Facebook Group. Come join us there!

Let me know how you get on with writing out these scriptures. You can leave a message on this post, on our Facebook page or email I want to get to know you more. So come on over to my Facebook page. You will find posts to encourage you as you grow in your walk with Jesus.

It's all about GRACE!

xx Karen.


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