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30 Bible Verses To Count Your Blessings And Motivate Thankfulness.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Count your blessings bible verses

Are you content in all circumstances? Is your heart full of contentment or are you dissatisfied?

Have you ever stopped in the middle of your busy day to intentionally be thankful and count your blessings?

The Bible has a lot to say about being content and the benefits of counting your blessings.

(🌟spoiler alert: I have 30 answers from the Bible about counting your blessings which include scriptures on thankfulness and about being content, and a thanksgiving devotional journal to help you be actively content in all circumstances which you can save to your phone or print out)

The following 30 count your blessings scriptures will answer these very important questions about how is it possible to be content and thankful when our world is topsy turvy crazy upside down!

We see tantalizing adverts offering us the perfect answer to being content if we purchase what they have on offer.

Sometimes these Ads show us glorious pictures of the perfect holiday with sandy beaches and a serene turquoise sea that you know if you can just take a few days walking in the surf you will be filled with peace, awe, and contentment.

But, that glorious feeling of contentment found in that gorgeous vista of the sea is fleeting. We soon have to come back to our own place in this world and walk the path that God has ordained for us to walk on through the life that He has planned for us to walk.

I have awesome news for you! You can know the one true secret of being content, and you will only find it in the Bible! The Bible contains the key to unlocking the answers on how to find true contentment and be thankful in every situation.

That does not mean the journey on the road to contentment is easy but take the following 30 Day scripture challenge with 30 Bible verses on counting your blessings, and I know that you will be motivated to be thankful and gain the contentment you crave that seems elusive right now.


💡 Top tip: Grab a friend or two and use this 30 Day scripture challenge to study together. The devotional Bible study journal has a 'Look Back' page after every 5 days of the challenge which is perfect to use for women's Bible study lessons. This would make it perfect for a 6-week study.

✨Use the discount code: BLESSING50 for 50% OFF.

Count your blessings printable bible study


be thankful in all things bible verse

Thanksgiving Bible Verses

You may be reading this post during the Fall season when our hearts and minds cannot help but consider the past months of the year and become more conscious of counting our blessings as we prepare for Thanksgiving!

Come count your blessings with me and discover scripture for being content. I have prepared a Bible plan with 30 Bible verses focusing on three different areas - being content, praise, and thanksgiving.

There are 30 count your blessing bible verses, a prayer, and a gratitude journal, They are available as a free PDF HERE. Or if you wish to dig deeper - grab the printable/digital Count Your Blessings 30-Day devotional.

Printable Count Your Blessings And Thanksgiving Devotions

A printable/digital copy of our Count Your Blessings daily devotional for women is now available for purchase. This Thanksgiving daily devotional contains a guided prayer and gratitude journal. These printable Thanksgiving devotions are based on the 30 Count Your Blessings Bible reading plan. (this is the journal you would need if you want to use it in a women's group). Make sure you use the discount code BLESSING50 FOR 50% OFF.

This Thanksgiving daily devotional is perfect for you if:

  • You are busy but you don't want to miss out on preparing your heart for Thanksgiving.

  • You know you have to actively choose to be thankful to God when everything around you seems to be falling apart.

  • You know it's a matter of the heart and trusting that God has a good plan for your life!

It is in PDF format which means that you can print it out or download it to your phone or tablet and open it in the iBooks, Samsung notes, or the XODO App and write on the journal pages digitally.

You can grab your copy Here and use the discount code: BLESSING50 to get 50% OFF. And of course, you can use this devotional any time of the year, not just during the Thanksgiving season!

Count Your Blessings Thanksgiving Devotional And 30 Bible Verses For Thanksgiving
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Count your blessings, not your burdens:

The Bible tells us over 365 times not to worry and to 'cast your cares on the Lord,' (Psalm 55:22)

What is a 'care'?

A 'care' is any burden you carry that is too heavy for you so that it becomes all-consuming and takes your eyes off of God. But counting your blessings and remembering all that God has done in your life and remembering all He promises to do in the future will shift your focus back to where it belongs on God Almighty! A few months ago we had a Bible plan containing 31 Bible verses on God's Promises and you can read that post HERE.

How can you thank God for His blessings in hard times?

I wonder how many people have thought this very same thing?

How is it possible to thank God for His blessings when your paycheck has been spent on the essential items for living, the tire on your car has just had a blowout, and you have 2 weeks left until payday?

This is when you have to trust that God has a good plan and get your heart into that perfectly humble place where you surrender everything to God and expect Him to take over.

Being thankful to God has to be a choice especially when everything around you seems to be falling apart.

Have you heard of the Hebrew name of God, Yahweh Yireh? This name of God means, provider. God desires to provide for you but He needs you to come to Him with a humble and sincere thankful heart that longs for His presence.

Benefits of being thankful to God

Being thankful to God in the hard times requires you to remember that it is a matter of the heart and choosing to trust that God has a good plan in the midst of chaotic and difficult times.

When you choose to count your blessings and keep your eyes on God instead of on your problems, you will find God's supernatural peace and blessing invade your heart and home.

Having a thankful attitude of heart actually opens up an avenue for God to bring His blessings.

When my husband was in seminary training to be a church minister, we frequently had hard times. No matter how many hours I did in childminding we never had enough of our own financial resources to meet all our needs. But God saw everything that we needed and He supplied all our needs!

We saw many financial miracles during that time. We would get unexpected letters containing a cheque that covered all our bills, or some of our debts were canceled!

I learned in that season to be thankful in the hard times because it opened unexpected doors of blessing to flow into our lives.

If you are in the midst of a hard time, try to remember back to a time when you know that God stepped into a situation and everything changed. Remember to count your blessings and you will find His faithfulness will encourage your heart.

You will find it easier to thank God for His provision and blessing in the midst of your hard time.

Bible verses on thankfulness:

This Bible plan full of thank you verses is divided into three sections-being content, praise, and thanksgiving.

Did you know that there is a difference between contentment and gratitude?

Gratitude is a measurement of our perspective on things, while contentment is a measure of the things we don't yet have. To be content is being able to say we want nothing more no matter how much or how little we have.

How is that possible?

It is only possible when we have surrendered our lives to God and trust in Him completely to provide what we need. Jesus has already gone to the cross and paid the costly price for our sins so that we can spend time for all eternity with Him.

My hope is to get to that same place that Paul the Apostle was in, to be able to say,

This is one of the verses on the Count Your Blessings Bible plan.

Here is a list of the Thanksgiving Bible verses that we will be studying for the next 30 days:

The list of scriptures and some journal pages are in our Scriptural Grace book shop. You can download them HERE.

Being Content Bible Verses:

Let's examine contentment in the Bible with the following list of 11 bible verses on the topic of being content.

In our 🍁Thanksgiving daily devotional we discuss what it means to taste and see that the Lord is good. Sometimes it can be hard for our hearts to comprehend this biblical truth.

David is inviting you with this Psalm of praise to experience the goodness of God's salvation like he has. It is an invitation to draw close to God, to experience His love and the goodness surrounding Him. He offers protection, direction, peace, forgiveness, wisdom, and more. God is good.

In our devotional, we ask that probing question, "what is God speaking to your heart today"? We discuss how Jesus is the storehouse of all God's treasures. Jesus is full and overflowing with all that heaven has available and He fills us up from His own abundance.

JOY! How can you possibly be joyful always? You might say that is impossible! If you read on a few verses, Paul advises us to also be thankful and not to stifle the Holy Spirit. We are a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit and He needs a joyful, thankful space to be able to work in. We discuss this further in our thanksgiving devotional.

If you have time, read the whole chapter of 91! It is one I pray often and I have seen it in action a few times! David is reminding us in this Psalm how great our God is. He is your refuge and fortress. In the storms and trials that come, God is your shelter and He will cover you with His feathers, for under His wings is a place of refuge.

The Psalmist is comparing our need for God to that of a deer in desperate need of water. Nothing will distract a deer from the hunt for water! Seek the Lord with all your heart, for the Restorer of your soul. Take time out of your busy day to read a few verses of scripture, sing a song of worship and pray while you work and you will find renewed energy to face your endless tasks!

This is one of my favorite verses! I suspect it's one that many of us cling to! Do you find yourself constantly rushing from one task to another? That you're' to-do' list never ends? God yearns to refresh you in His presence. Our printable planner may help you take care of the daily overwhelm while helping you to linger longer in God's presence.

We can be content because of God's grace. It is impossible to get into a circumstance where our need for grace is greater than God's supply. All we need to do to obtain His grace is to humble ourselves and then...approach' the throne of grace with boldness, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.' Hebrews 4:16.

Every good and perfect gift comes from the hand of God: our life, families, and everything good comes from our Father of the heavenly lights. We discuss this further in our Count Your Blessings devotional.

A time for everything! And a season! God can use everything you experience and make it beautiful! Whatever season that you are in, lack or abundance, or in the 'waiting', remember that God is with you. There is a time for everything!

We can be content in any circumstance because of this promise! Don't be afraid! Take heart! Just as the Lord assured Joshua, His promises are for you too. He will be with you, He will neither fail you nor forsake you. With God's help, you can do it!

11. Jeremiah 15:16, "When I discovered your words, I devoured them. They are my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies." God is instructing us in this verse to approach His Word with a deep hunger. His words are manna, for us to feast on every day. We will find true joy and peace, that only God can bring when we choose each day to meditate on His promises and instructions.

Bible verses on praise

Here is a list of 9 bible verses on praise.

This is a wonderful verse to start our praise portion of our Count Your Blessings Bible plan! Read it, write it and pray through it, using the journal pages. ( see our free printable)

Listen for those quiet whispers that cross your heart for what God is saying to you through it.

Are you facing something really difficult?

How do you keep on going when you just want to curl up in bed, pull the covers over your head and never come out?

Cling to the Lord and He will give you the strength you need to keep going in difficult circumstances.

Do you love the Lord? Do you revere His Holy Name?

If you trust the Lord and revere Him, you are clothed in strength and dignity. You are reflecting the glory of Christ. We unpack this verse more in our 🍁thanksgiving devotional.

This is a fabulous verse to stimulate a time of praise!

Are you confidently able to say that you can claim you don't fear bad news but that you confidently trust the Lord to take care of you?

God wants to take your ashes and give you a crown of beauty. He wants to take your mourning and replace it with the oil of gladness, He wants to take your spirit of despair and turn it into a garment of praise.

The Apostle Paul is encouraging us to become more and more Christ-like. He is encouraging us to be transformed into the person that God has created us to be. When we spend time in God's presence, He can teach and direct us in our decision making and you will be surprised at the amazing things that God can accomplish through you!

Do you ever look in the mirror and don't like what you see? Well no matter how you or I feel today, we need to understand this truth - we are fearfully and wonderfully made! We need to see ourselves through 'God's lens' and He thinks that we are beautiful! We are so important to Him!

You were created on purpose for an awesome purpose! God sees you as someone very important, important enough to send His Son to die on the cross for you. He has a unique plan and sees you as someone to be cherished. God has given you unique gifts that only you can use to bless others. You were created to shine God's light in your own unique way, to attract others to Him.

Here is a verse that will inspire a song of praise inside you! It is a love song written by King Solomon. What do you think of this verse? Is it a love song between a man and a woman or a love song between Christ and you? I think it's both! (🍁We discuss this further in our thanksgiving devotional).

You are greatly prized and loved by God! You are His ambassador, pointing others to Jesus and leading a life that demonstrates His goodness so that others can experience His gracious love. Because God called us "out of the darkness into His marvelous light" we are to be His witnesses in this dark world. So be careful with your words and actions, the way you treat a stranger, and care for children, and in the workplace.

Thanksgiving Bible verses - FREE printable

Thanksgiving Bible verses

Here are 10 thanksgiving scriptures about thanking God for His blessings. Did you know that the more often you choose to be thankful that it becomes a life-changing habit?

The more thankful you become toward God equals to peace and God's blessings flowing through your day and week!

In our 🍁thanksgiving devotional journal there is space to write out the day's scripture. It is so therapeutic to write it out on paper or digitally in your iBooks app or Samsung notes. You will find that each thankful verse leaves its mark on your heart. I like to think that it makes my heart softer and more peaceful as I comprehend God's encouraging words of truth.

Psalm 30:11 begins the third section of this scripture plan which focuses on 'Thanksgiving.' David wrote Psalm 30 to celebrate the transformation of his suffering into God's victory. He had faced many problems and confronted many enemies. There were times when he had battles with illness and discouragement. He made mistakes. But everything changed when he humbled himself and cried out to the Lord. God was then able to change David's circumstances. (I share a personal story of how God turned my mourning into dancing in our Count Your Blessings devotional book).

Psalm 107 is celebrating Israel's return from their exile in Babylon. It is about how God redeemed His people from various locations and situations. It is a reminder of God's faithfulness, goodness, love, and mercy for us too. God is a solid foundation to stand on, and He is faithful despite what your circumstances look like.

Here is a different perspective on the similar verse above. Psalm 136 is full of praise and thanksgiving.

The all-powerful God who created the universe cares about you! He loves you so much that He made a way for you to live with Him in eternity through Jesus. (Read the whole chapter when you have time and sing it back to God).

This Psalm reminds us that if you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you cannot fail. God will rescue you.

Did you know that Psalm 46 is a song written for the nation of Israel? It is about the victorious power of God as He stands for and defends His people. Israel was threatened by enemies on every side and Psalm 46 was written to remind the people that their God is greater than any enemy.

I'm sure you have sung the famous hymn ' Great is thy faithfulness' countless times! This verse encourages us to lift up our hearts and focus on God's goodness and unfailing love.

God is faithful - reliable, trustworthy, and therefore ever true to His promise and He can be depended upon. You are called by God, chosen of God, and enriched by God's grace because you have trusted Jesus as your savior.

God can take even the bad things and in their proper season, turn them around. Every season has a purpose. We go through mountains and we go through valleys. We have our successes and our failures. We just need to trust God with the pieces of our season.

God promised that this priestly blessing enabled by His name (his power and authority) to be placed on His people. We have an incredible gift with these verses to pray over people. These verses are powerful and perfect to pray over your loved ones or you could write them in a card or letter. In fact, I have designed these verses on Christmas cards (you will find them in our shop!) and it is available free as a print with our Bible plan, Count Your Blessings. You will find it HERE.

An important secret of prayer is to take what is worrying you straight to God. Sit in His presence and actively hand your problems to Him.

Remember who God is and how wondrous He is, all that He has done! And give thanks. If you open your heart and invite Jesus into your need, put your focus on Him, He will quiet your anxious thoughts and bring you a sense of calm. Then you will feel His peace, which is far more wonderful than our human minds can comprehend.

Did you know that you are beyond blessed?

I know that you may not feel this to be true right now but wait a minute and explore this verse a bit with me!

You are blessed by God in a massive way. It doesn't matter what you feel or see. The fact is the Bible, God's written word tells you that you are blessed. So to grow in Christ, you need to begin to choose, believe it, and see yourself that way.

Here is a peek at our thanksgiving daily devotional for women in an eBook format called Count Your Blessings 30-Day Thanksgiving Devotional, Prayer Journal.

It is perfect for a busy woman that can enjoy reading devotionals about being thankful anywhere that her phone goes! You have 2 options for using it. You can print out the PDF or you can enjoy reading and writing on it in free apps such as iBooks, Samsung notes or XODO. You can grab your digital PDF copy HERE and use the discount code: BLESSING50

This is the day journal page that you can download in our free PDF. It is also in the Thanksgiving devotional eBook. It is designed to help you to dig deeper into each verse from our bible plan.

🍁You can print it out or download it to an app that reads PDFs such as iBooks, Samsung notes or XODO. I have been enjoying using these apps. It is great when I find stolen moments in my day to have some devotional time!

🍁There are prompts for you to write out the day's scripture and for you to contemplate what God is saying to you through that verse.

🍁Don't skip this discipline. You will be surprised at what God speaks to you as you write. I find it so therapeutic writing on my iPad (I hadn't realized how easy it is to write in the Books app and I got over my fear of using the Apple pencil - (sometimes I use the text boxes!) But I find myself doodling hearts or underlining words that jump out at me from the devotional😊.

You will find this free download HERE Or the printable thanksgiving devotional eBook HERE.

Thanksgiving Bible study

This is what the evening prayer journal page looks like and the ' Look Back ' page.

🍁Oh, how I love using the evening journal page. This evening's discipline has made a big difference in helping me sleep peacefully at night!

🍁Record the joy of the day (try hard to find one!) Then write up 3 things that you are thankful for and why.

Then record what you prayerfully think that God has taught you that day.

🍁Finally write the verse that you plan to study the next day and schedule the time that you plan to do it. This type of planning actually helps you to follow through when you plan ahead!

🍁The ' Look Back ' page is presented for you to use after every 5 days in the journal. This discipline invites you to look over the previous 5 days of your journaling and will help you get an overall picture of what God is speaking to you through His beautiful, life-changing living words.

🍁This page is also perfect for use in a ladies' bible study lesson group setting. Everyone in the group will have heard God speak to them in a different way and together you can ' sharpen ' each other in God. There is also a notes page for you to add any of your thoughts.

May the Lord bless you and keep you verse

God loves to bless His people. That means you and me!

This is such a beautiful blessing. It is part of our Thanksgiving Bible plan on counting your blessings.

Print these infamous, May the Lord Bless you verse from Numbers 6:24-26 and pray it over your home, friends, and family.

Give thanks to God

So thank you for reading this post all about counting your blessings even when times are hard. There are many lessons to be learned from intentionally studying these 30 Bible verses of thanksgiving to God.

🍁I hope you download the FREE sample of our Thanksgiving PDF journal and try using it on your digital device. If you can, purchase the 30 Day journal and use it at your own pace. If you use it in a women's Bible study group - let me know! I would love to hear your stories!

Life can be so full of hard times that it is good to remember the good things that God has brought into our lives and to remember that He is our solid rock, our provider and ultimately He has a good plan for our lives.

I would love it if you could share with me your thoughts as you work your way through this Scripture plan. You can connect with me via email or on our FACEBOOK page.

It's all about His grace

xx Karen.


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Unknown member
Nov 10, 2020

Gratitude is powerful! What a great way to ring in the holiday season, by focusing on contentment, giving, and gratitude. Love it!


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Nov 08, 2020

As always, such a pleasure to read your post dear Karen!


Unknown member
Nov 08, 2020

November is such a great month to be thankful, but also a great time to make this a daily habit, thank you for so many helpful resources!


Unknown member
Nov 05, 2020

When you choose to count your blessings and keep your eyes on God instead of on your problems, you will find God's supernatural peace invade your heart and home.

Thank you for this, a job well done also on the resources. Happy Blogversary too.. Congratulations


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Nov 04, 2020

First of all, Happy "Blogversary" and what a wonderful way to celebrate by sharing this free resource at such a time as this!

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