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Devotional Bible Study: Joy Comes In The Morning | Psalm 30:5.

Welcome to Day 11 for a short powerful devotion from our 30 Psalms For Anxiety, Fear, Worry, And Depression bible plan. This short devotional is from Psalm 30:5.

Read Psalm 30:5. Click on the verse to read it in various translations.

What does it mean 'joy comes in the morning'?

Have you ever gone to bed at night with a heavy heart and under the cover of darkness had a time of quiet weeping? It's just you, the darkness, and God?

I have to hold my hand up high. Sometimes I don't want to share what troubles me with anyone else except God. I usually feel a little better after I have bawled my eyes out and I do remind myself of Psalm 30:5, that 'weeping may endure for the night.......but joy comes in the morning'!

It is true. When morning comes my heart is usually lighter and I sometimes wonder why I had got so upset the night before. The reason for that could be my emotions lied to me or it could also be that in my hurt, anger, and pain, I ran to the feet of Jesus and laid out all my feelings of upset at His feet.

Joy comes in the morning meaning

Psalm 30 is another psalm written by David. He was a man that had experienced many trials and tribulations throughout his life, just like we do. However, hopefully, our trials will not be quite as exciting as David's!

David is known as a 'giant slayer', warrior and at times he was known to be a fugitive. He knew the trials that came with being a father, husband, and king. He also suffered times of sickness just like most of us do.

But joy comes in the morning.......

David is also known as a 'man after God's own heart'. That is how he is described in Acts 13:22. This is what David is remembered for. He was far from perfect and he suffered from fear, anxiety, and depression. David suffered from many trials. Some of these trials came about because of sins that he committed and others came about because of the events of 'life'.

But joy comes in the morning......

We read yesterday that David knew the secret that God is 'the lifter of my head'. During all the trials and tribulations that David went through, he kept his eyes focused on the Lord. When everything was falling apart around him he went straight to God with his frustration and when he saw God intervene in his life and vindicate and restore him, he lifted his voice in praise. David understood the deeper meaning of the phrase 'joy comes in the morning'.

Hebrew meaning of 'joy'

It is thought that David wrote this psalm as he was coming through a dangerous and uncertain time of sickness. Psalm 30 begins with David praising God and thanking Him for healing him. Throughout the psalm, David encourages us to sing praises to God because He hears us and that He will turn our mourning into dancing (Psalm 30:11)

The Hebrew word for joy used in Psalm 30:5 is 'rinnah'. It means “ringing cry of entreaty, supplication” or “ringing cry in proclamation, joy, praise.” What this means is that the joy that comes in the morning is a deep cry of prayer mixed with a song of praise. David is trying to convey the deeper meaning of joy. He is saying that joy is not found after the painful episodes that we go through when everything has been made right but true joy is knowing that God is with us in the midst of our painful trials.

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Joy comes

Dark nights can last a while but there is hope and joy to be found when you know Jesus. Christians can find hope in the promises of God and in the power of knowing His name.

God is with you during your dark night. He is with you in your hours of fear and anxiety. During these difficult times remember that God is with you and that He has a good plan for you.

Here are a few bible verses to encourage your heart:

1. God is a restorer, 1 Peter 5:10.

Peter makes it clear that suffering is inevitable, unavoidable, and inescapable when you choose to follow Jesus. Though we will suffer for a time, God will restore and keep us strong with His grace and He will keep us secure in Him forever. (you may enjoy reading this devotional)

2. God's plan for us. Jeremiah 29:11-13.

God longs for us to seek Him with all of our hearts and to diligently seek His presence. It is in that secret place with God that we too will find Him. And it is in that secret place that God's plans can unfold in our lives and you will find peace in the midst of your trial. (read more about this verse here)

3. Consider it pure joy, James 1:2-4.

4. Remember to give God thanks and praise. Psalm 30:11-12

5. Blessing comes with trusting in God Jeremiah 17:7-8.

6. God promises to show you the way of life, Psalm 16:11.

Joy will come in the morning.

  1. What is God saying to you through Psalm 30:5 today?

  2. Have you laid your burdens at the feet of Jesus and invited Him to walk with you through your dark night?

Free printable prayer journal

Use our free printable prayer journal that was specifically designed for our 30 Psalms challenge on anxiety or a notebook to answer the following questions. You can download it here. Use it to go deeper as you prayerfully sit in God's presence and answer the questions from above.

Bible affirmation: Remind yourself often of these biblical truths.

Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

God is with me in the dark hours of anxiety and fear.

God has a good plan for my life.

True joy is knowing that God is with me in the midst of my painful trial.

Scripture prayer:

Join me in praying Psalm 30:5.

Thank you, Father, that Your anger doesn't last for long. Thank You for Your promise of favor. My heart is sad but You have promised to walk with me in the midst of my trial and that fills me with hope and joy. I know that You can make a beautiful tapestry out of my trials and sadness. Help me to rest in Your presence. Amen.

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Karen xx.


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