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He Delivered Me From All My Fears

Welcome to Day 20 for a short powerful devotion from our 30 Psalms For Anxiety, Fear, Worry, And Depression bible plan. This short devotional is from Psalm 34:4-5. And make sure to join me in prayer at the bottom of this post.

I sought the lord and he answered me

Read Psalm 34:4-5: (Click on the verse to read it in various translations)

"I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed."

Read all of Psalm 34 when you have time and you might enjoy reading the context of this Psalm by reading how God saved David from the hand of Saul and the Philistines in 1 Samuel chapter 21.

What does Psalm 34:4-5 mean?

How did God deliver David from his fears?

Are you able to echo what David said, "He delivered me from all my fears"?

Join me as we answer these great questions and you will discover that David gives us the antidote to fear - the hard part is implementing his directions!

Psalm 34: 4-5 meaning

Psalm 34 was written by David during a time of distress and deliverance. It reflects David's gratitude to God for His protection and provision, as well as his desire to encourage others to seek the Lord and experience His goodness firsthand. The psalm is a testimony to God's faithfulness in delivering His people from their troubles and providing for their needs.

David, who would later become the king of Israel, was being pursued by King Saul, who was jealous of David's popularity and saw him as a threat. In order to escape Saul's grasp, David sought refuge in Gath, a Philistine city ruled by King Abimelech. However, when David arrived there, he became afraid for his life, realizing that the Philistines might recognize him and deliver him back to Saul.

In response to his dire situation, David began to act like a madman, drooling on his beard and scratching the doors of the city gate. This unusual behavior led Abimelech to conclude that David was insane and not a threat, so he allowed him to escape unharmed. You can read about this in 1 Samuel 21:10-15.

He delivered me from all my fears bible study

He delivered me from all my fears

David was in severe distress. He was already on the run from King Saul and he sought refuge but he didn't find safety in the place of refuge in Gath.

What was he to do?

Who could help him?

Who could show him the way to safety?

We discussed yesterday (Psalm 23:4 - though I walk through the valley) that David had already learned to walk close to God. And today David tells us the antidote to fear!

Freedom from fear

David prayed to the Lord and he states that God delivered him from his fears.

Fear is a normal reaction to danger or a crisis.

What causes you to fear?

Are you afraid when you have to walk through a dangerous part of town at night?

Do you fear death?

Do you fear not being competent at work?

Do you worry about what tomorrow may bring?

When I was working as a new nurse, my work environment was very difficult. The stress was high and I became very fearful. I couldn't sleep during the day when I was on Night Duty and on my days off I was too stressed to enjoy the time off.

I eventually remembered to do what David instructs us to do in Psalm 34:4-5. I prayed to God for help. God is Elohim - God the Creator! He has created me with unique gifts to use in unique situations. And, yes a miracle did happen!

Not long after I sought God for His deliverance from my fear, I was invited to change departments within the hospital. One of the senior consultants in our hospital requested that I work with him in the Out Patients Department. It was quite an honor. It also meant that I had normal working hours (no more sleep deprivation and I was able to attend Bible study and worship meetings at church!) That was such an answer to prayer!

God promises that those who look to Him will be radiant

Whatever circumstance you are in, God promises that if you look to Him, and give Him your fears - you will be radiant with joy!

Press into God. Give Him your fears and in exchange receive the joy He gives you. Your face will become radiant!

This is where you have to activate your faith muscle. If you don't immediately feel radiant with joy, confess that to God. Ask Him to help you leave your fearful burdens at His feet. You have to surrender your fears to God and then you have to trust that He has a good plan for your life.

I have shed many tears and had tantrums before God (including the past 12 months). I have eventually given my fears to God and waited for Him to work on my behalf. Some of those situations have changed and some have not but I am pleased to say that I do feel radiant with joy. I do feel God's peace and direction in my life.

When I reflect on the past 12 months, I am so thankful that God didn't answer my prayers in the way I thought He should.

God sees the Big picture of your life. Give Him your fears and expect Him to fill you with His sweet peace and joy. Expect that He has a plan for delivering you from what is causing you to fear.

Can you say with David,"I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears"?

What is God saying to you through Psalm 34:4-5?

What fears do you need to surrender to God?

Free printable prayer journal

Use our free printable prayer journal that was specifically designed for our 30 Psalms challenge on anxiety or a notebook to answer those questions above. You can download it here. Use it to go deeper as you ponder all that God will reveal to you as you spend time in His presence.

Psalms for anxiety work book printable

Bible affirmation: Remind yourself often of these biblical truths.

  1. Pray to God and He will answer you.

  2. Lay your concerns at His feet and He will free you from fear.

  3. When you look to God for His help you will be radiant with His joy.

Scripture prayer: Psalm 34:4-5

Join me in praying Psalm 34:4-5.

Father, we long to experience the radiance that comes from looking to You. May our hearts be continually drawn to seek Your face, for in Your presence we find hope, peace, and joy. Transform us, Lord, as we give you our fears, and make us radiant reflections of Your love, grace, and mercy. May others see Your light shining through us as we trust in You. Amen.

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Karen xx.



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