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Light In The Darkness Scripture Writing Plan.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Light in the darkness scripture writing plan with 16 Bible verses to encourage you.

Welcome to this months scripture writing plan - Light In The Darkness !

I chose this topic as now that we are in the Autumn, the dark nights are coming in and it is getting colder.

The mornings are darker too and as I was coming down the stairs at first light a few days ago,[ just that wonderful 30 minutes before the whole house wakes up and demands your attention], I missed the last step of the stairs! I manged to not fall badly and hurt myself and nobody woke up!

I'm sure you know all about having those stolen moments of quiet to sit, sip your coffee and grab your Bible for a prayer time. As I sat recovering from my fright of missing the last step of stairs, I realized a few truths :

1. I should have put the light on to brighten up the darkness and...

2. Hold tight to the banister as I descend the stairs!

Have you ever been ' blindsided' about a situation ?

Have you ever , like me, 'missed the last step' in the darkness ?

It's time to turn the light on, illuminate the darkness. How can we defeat the darkness around us ?

A more important question is, how can we be a light in the darkness in the world around us?

This scripture writing plan is to help you illuminate the darkness that tries to surround you in our world. I hope through it, that both you and I can ' turn on the light' through filling our lives with the truth of scripture and then like a lighthouse, be a beacon in the world around us too !

Light in the darkness, 16 scripture verses

These are the 16 Bible verses I have chosen to focus on this month. There are many more that you can search for but I like to savor each verse for two days to pray it through and journal what God is saying through them.

You might think that your day or week ahead is dark but God's word will shine bright on your path and illuminate it! Spend some time sitting in God's presence with a pen, notebook or with the journaling cards that I have created. Read a verse or two, write them, meditate on them and listen for God's truth to wash over your heart and shine His light on your path. I have had such a blessed time creating a free printable PDF for you to accompany this reading plan. You will find it in the Resource Library, alongside other free posters and Bible reading plans and scripture goodies! Find the Resource Library HERE

This selection of verses, journal cards and poster [ see below] are to guide you through meditating on God shining a light on your path, learning that He will tell you where you should go and what you should do - Isaiah 30:21, and reminding you that you carry His light that the world so craves Matthew 5:16.

The Lord Is A Light Micah 7:8
This poster is available for you to print out in the resource library.

So go shine ! Be a light in the darkness ! I would love if you could share with me your thoughts as you work your way through this Scripture plan . You can connect with me via email or on our FACEBOOK page.

It's all about His grace

xx Karen.


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 20, 2020

This is amazing. Thank you for providing this scripture reading plan.

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