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Printable Prayer Journal And How To Organize Your Prayer Binder.

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Have you ever wanted to start a prayer journal but didn't know where to start?

Maybe you passionately desire to grow close to God and become the woman of God that you know God is calling you to be but your day is super crazy busy and you don't know how to find the time to be intentional about your prayer life.

I have been there too and I have finally found 2 simple ways to have an intentional prayer time, interceeding for friends, family, and myself while confidently expecting God to answer my prayers. And it comes in a printable prayer journal pdf format!

What is a prayer journal?

A prayer journal is a wonderful way to keep a record of all your prayers. When you use a guided prayer journal with prompts that lead you through a time of praise, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication - it becomes a form of worship.

You can use a cheap notebook to write out your prayers or you can download and print some of the printable prayer templates that are widely available on the internet. There are also physical copies of dedicated beautiful prayer journals that you can purchase.

I just couldn't make the physical copies of prayer journals work for me. I would want to move pages around in the journal - which you can't or there wasn't enough room to write out all that I wanted to in a specific place. So I became inconsistent with my prayer time and a little bit frustrated with myself in the process.

printable prayer journal template pdf

What suits my chaotic brain is a binder that I can add to or take away any pages that I need for recording my prayers. I also need a framework, an ordered way to record prayers not just for myself but for friends, work, church, the world, and other ideas.

My desire is to be an intercessor and to be more intentional about praising God, thanking Him for all that He has done, and being better at taking time to confess known and unknown sins. I know that as I use this prayer binder with the various printables that my prayer time will become more balanced and I will take time to listen for the Lord to speak to me.

Guided prayer journal

A guided prayer journal is exactly what I need to keep me focused and intentional about praying for everyone and all the things that God puts on my heart.

It is also fabulous to look back in time and see how God has answered those prayers!

Are you wondering about the 2 ways that I love to journal my prayers?

Keep reading for my answer and come see all the beautiful pages and binder sections that I have made to keep my prayer time balanced and ordered.

I have designed a printable prayer journal and a digital prayer journal. I will be using them both through the following weeks.

Printable Prayer Journal

Pray intentional prayers with our printable prayer journal for women. The prayer journal template is a guided prayer journal with a prayer list, and scriptures to use when praying.

You can be confident when praying scripture prayers because you are praying God's word back to Him!

I find that sometimes I'm at a loss when trying to formulate a prayer for a specific person or situation. Then I read a scripture verse and it seems to say perfectly what my heart was trying to pray but my brain couldn't come up with the words!

This pretty printable prayer journal is divided into sections for the different days of the week.

Simply download the prayer journal PDF and print out the pages that you wish to use. There are 129 pages to choose from!

Our printable prayer resources are perfect for you if:

  • you only have 15-20 minutes to sit in God's presence

  • you passionately desire to grow close to God

  • want scripture prayers

  • enjoy journal and prayer prompts to help you apply biblical concepts to your life.

  • You yearn for a more intimate relationship with God and to become the strong woman of God that He has called you to be.

  • you would love a keepsake record of how God has spoken to you through His word and worked in your life.

Here is how you can set up your own prayer journal/binder:

Choose to print out the pages that are suitable for your own prayer time.

There is also a digital version included in this prayer journal bundle that is specifically formatted as a simple prayer journal with hyperlinks to specific days of the week. So you can take your prayer journal everywhere and save paper and ink!

I bought this gorgeous berry-colored leather 2-ring binder to keep my printable prayer journal in.

I printed out the cover and laminated it (thank you church office for laminating it!)

I added these super sticky velcro pieces to the binder and prayer journal cover and it sits nicely.