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Preparing Your Heart For Easter

Updated: 6 days ago

He is risen in black free printable for Easter, christian Easter banner, Easter cards
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He is not here, for he has risen, as He said. Come see the place where He lay.

Matthew 28:6

How do you prepare your heart for Easter?

With all the busyness of life, Easter can sneak up on you. I try every year to make an effort to set aside time to specifically meditate on the significance of Jesus' sacrifice. It is easy to forget the magnitude of what Jesus did for us.

Easter isn't just another holiday - it's so much more!

As Christians , we celebrate Easter to remember the awesome sacrifice of Jesus. We reflect on the very event that our faith is founded upon - His death and resurrection. Jesus death was slow, agonizing and bloody,. It was humiliating and excruciating. He was naked, spat on, beaten, rejected, scorned and crucified.

Why did this happen or another way to ask this question, what does the cross mean for you?

We can try really hard to keep our hearts, minds and actions right before God but without His help, it is an impossible task. But God already knows that! He loves you so much and yearns to commune with you, that He provided a way and that involves His Son on a cross. It is a Holy mystery but one we can't afford not to investigate!

The Apostle Paul puts it this way :

Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life has gone and a new life has begun.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Because of what Jesus has done for you, the whole meaning of the cross has changed dramatically. From being a symbol of fear, judgement and shame, the cross has become a symbol of hope, joy and freedom.

Related: If you would like to read the timeline of Jesus last week (for adults) you will love this post and it comes with a free printable timeline chart for Holy Week and a prayer journal/workbook. Find it HERE

He is risen free christian Easter printable
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I have created this printable to help you focus on the meaning of the cross for your life. It is a lovely floral, Spring printable. You will find in this PDF an art print, post cards, Easter greeting card and a banner to add to your Easter home decor.

It prints out best on smooth card stock. You will find it in our free resource library HERE.

To make the banner :

Cut around the flags, punch two holes at the top of each piece and then thread through with twine or ribbon. Hang across the mantle piece or some other place.

He is risen art print may be printed out on card stock or heavy paper and framed or laminated. Place around your home where you will constantly see it as you contemplate Easter.

You could also print out an extra one to give as an Easter gift!

Greeting card : Cut around the black outside line and fold in half.

Post cards : Cut on outside line.

The post cards could be used as a bookmark in your Bible, a place to write a precious note or prayers.

You could send a card as an encouraging Easter greeting to a friend or family member. You can change the sizes of these printables in your printer settings.

You will also find these items in our Zazzle shop. They can be ordered in various sizes and various types of paper and card stock.

How will you prepare your heart for Easter?

Christian women's Easter shirts and children's Easter shirts.
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I have designed some products as every day reminders of a Christ centered Easter. There are numerous choices for all the family. You will find apparel for the youngest member of the family and all through to the ages of your extended family.

Check out our Easter collection HERE

HE is risen men's shirts
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Don't forget the men in your family!

You can wear your faith on your sleeve and encourage those around you or as an everyday reminder, you could choose a mug, key chain or magnet.

I will end this post by wishing you a blessed Easter!

Don't forget to print out your free printables HERE

And let me know in the comments below how you are preparing your heart for Easter.

It's all about GRACE!

xx Karen.


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