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Renew Your Mind Choose Joy

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Welcome to 31 days of Scripture writing on JOY! I hope to encourage you to renew your mind, by choosing joy even during difficult circumstances.

I don't know your circumstances but if you believe like I did in the past that a joy filled life would not be for me, that is a lie.

When I was in a dark place, convinced that I would never know joy again, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Psalm 30:5

" Although weeping may last for a night,

JOY comes in the morning".

Sometimes that dark night of the soul can feel like it's going to last for a long time but it will come to an

end - God promises JOY will come.

What can you do, if you find yourself in this place? You renew your mind my meditating on God's promises. His word is true. Speak it, claim it, pray it and trust it!

Regardless of whatever you are going through right now, you can and you will experience His JOY. Be expectant and when the enemy whispers that joy is not for you - tell him, God doesn't break His promises and His word is true!

So to help you renew your mind by choosing JOY, I have created a beautiful scripture poster for you to print based on Psalm 30:5, a list of scriptures to read, meditate and write out and some pretty journal pages for you to write on. You will find them in our free resource library. Here is a peek at the poster:

Let's talk about scripture writing. It should only take 10 minutes to write out each verse but spend as much time as you have on sitting in God's presence and listening for what the Holy Spirit has to say to instruct and guide you. You will need a cup of coffee, a Bible, notebook or these journal pages [ in this printable in the resource library] and a favorite pen.

What Is Scripture Writing:

It is a daily spiritual discipline that will draw you closer to God. Writing out scripture will bring your heart and mind closer to God.

Copying scripture and carrying it with us throughout the day, reading it and memorizing it, makes God's word a part of us. It renews your mind and brings JOY!

This is what it says in Jeremiah about the benefits of scripture :

" Your words were found and I ate them

and your words became to me a

joy and the delight of my heart

For I am called by Your name

O Lord God of hosts."

Jeremiah 15:16

Take Action :

  1. Download the scripture verse list, journal paper and the pretty Bible verse print HERE.

  2. Find a quiet place with your cup of coffee, Bible and a favorite pen.

  3. Pray as you write your scripture verse for that day.

  4. Ask God to reveal Himself to you and listen for the Holy Spirit to speak to you.

  5. If you feel convicted of something- confess it and ask for forgiveness.

  6. If you feel moved to worship - worship God! Just enjoy His presence.

  7. Most important : make an appointment with yourself, journal and God everyday for your scripture writing time. I find it works best for me to do it in the morning. It helps me to gain ' God's perspective' on my day. But you do it in your own perfect time. The important thing to remember is to do it and if you miss a day - just double up the next one!

Let me know how you get on with writing out these scriptures. You can leave a message on this post, on our Facebook page or email

Before you finish reading this post and rush off to download the free printable in the resource library

let's pray together :

Father, You are the ultimate promise keeper. Your words are true. You never break your endless promises to me. Thank you for pointing my feet in the right direction. Teach me to reject the enemy's lies by renewing my mind with your words of truth.

In Jesus name, Amen.

I want to get to know you more. So come on over to my Facebook page. You will find posts to encourage you as you grow in your walk with Jesus.

It's all about GRACE!

xx Karen.

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