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2023 Most Accurate Printable Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Updated: 3 days ago

Are you looking for the most accurate chronological Bible reading plan?

If you want to know how to read the Bible in chronological order, understand who the authors of the Bible were, when each of the 66 Books of the Bible was written and how the precious scriptural truths found in scripture can be applied to your life - then I have the most accurate Bible plan that I could find, for you!

Reading the Bible in chronological order means reading the events of the Bible in the order that they happened in history, rather than the order they are presented in the Bible text.

I also have more Bible study printables to help you reach the awesome, life-changing goal of reading the Bible in a year, praying, and applying scripture to your life!

Books Of The Bible In Chronological Order List PDF

I'm so excited to present to you a journey through the most famous and well-read book of all time - The Bible.

Join me on this special journey through both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible in chronological order and enjoy learning about the timelines of when all these Books of the Bible were written.

The most accurate chronological Bible reading plan PDF that I could find is written by the Blue Letter Bible. It is available to print out for free but just looking at the 2 pages that you can print out made me dizzy. I need a chronological Bible reading plan that has boxes that I can tick as I read each day's portion of the scriptures.

So I made my own chronological Bible reading plan, using the Blue Letter Bible as a guide. This Bible plan is in a chronological order list, spread over 13 pages with boxes that you can tick as you read through each passage of scripture portioned out for that day. This list is undated, so if you find that it isn't possible to read each day, you can continue reading at your own pace, while reading through the Bible in chronological order.

But I have a plan to keep you on track reading through the Bible in chronological order throughout this year - see the invitation at the bottom of this post!

Most Accurate Printable Chronological Bible Reading Plan

You will find our printable chronological reading plan in our digital/printable Scriptural Grace Book shop. Please note that this is a digital file that you have access to immediately. It is in a PDF format and which means you can download the file to your phone or another digital device and read, and annotate on it if you open it in a PDF reader such as GoodNotes, Samsung notes, or in the Books app if you have an iPhone or iPad. It is also perfect for printing out.

Printable chronological bible reading plan

Printable chronological bible reading plan workbook

Our printable chronological Bible plan has a daily Bible study page and a daily prayer page with guided questions to guide you in praying through the Bible in a year and applying it to your life. Print them out 365 times or add them in your GoodNotes app. I have added cover pages for each month so that you can print out the pages that you require and section them off each month in a binder.

The daily Bible study page has questions to help you retain some of the scripture that you read and then apply it to your life.

The prayer page uses the acronym, A.C.T.S to guide you through praying the scripture that God highlighted to you as you read it. At the end of your day, try and take a few minutes to reflect on the scriptures you have read that day and how God is speaking to you through them.

There is a prompt at the end of the day section for you to plan your quiet time for the next day. Research shows that if you plan ahead, you are more likely to follow through with your plan. The third page available in your printable chronological Bible plan is a review page. This is perfect for using every 7 days to reflect on all that God has been showing you through scripture. It is also perfect to use if you are meeting with a group that studies the Bible together for a year.

Old and New Testament in chronological order summary sheets

I have also added 2 Bible study sheets that will add great satisfaction to you as you read through the Bible in chronological order. The Old Testament and New Testament summary sheets give you an overall view of the Bible in chronological order. The summary sheets are in a printable format that you can refer to as you study the Bible this year.

Old Testament timeline printable

Old Testament timeline printable

The Old Testament timeline printable is a chart with the name of each book of the Bible, the name of each author, and the approximate date that it was written.

This visual representation of the Old Testament timeline of events will help you get a general overview of how all the books fit together as you study the Bible.