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When I Am Afraid I Will Trust In You - Psalm 56:3-4

Welcome to Day 22 for a short powerful devotion from our 30 Psalms For Anxiety, Fear, Worry, And Depression bible plan. This short devotional is from Psalm 56:3-4. And make sure to join me in prayer at the bottom of this post.

When I am afraid I will trust in You

Read Psalm 56:3-4. (Click on the verse to read it in various translations)

"When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise,

in God I trust; I shall not be afraid. What can flesh do to me?"

David wrote this Psalm during the time when the Philistines had captured him at Gath. (1 Samuel 21:10-15)

David was alone, desperate, and afraid. He was subjected to attacks, defamation, and slander from his enemies. David found himself fearing death and experiencing legitimate reasons to be afraid.

However, in those moments, he intentionally redirected his focus toward God's character. Through meditating on the character of God, David's heart overflowed with gratitude, leading him to praise God and place his unwavering trust in His presence.

Psalm 56:3-4 meaning

Psalm 56:3-4 expresses David's confidence and trust in God, particularly in times of fear and distress. The passage emphasizes the psalmist's decision to place his faith in God rather than allowing fear to overwhelm him.

Psalm 56:3 begins by acknowledging the presence of fear: "When I am afraid." However, instead of succumbing to fear, David chooses to put his trust in God.

This suggests a conscious decision to rely on God's strength, guidance, and protection rather than being consumed by fear. Take note of this lesson from David!

In verse Psalm 56:4, the psalmist further affirms his trust in God and his reliance on God's word. By praising God's word, he emphasizes the faithfulness and reliability of God's promises. The psalmist declares that he trusts in God and is not afraid, recognizing that there is no need to fear when God is on his side.

The final line of verse 4 highlights the limited power of human beings: "What can mere mortals do to me?" It implies that compared to God Almighty, the threats and actions of human beings are insignificant. This statement reinforces David's trust in God's ultimate authority and protection, diminishing the significance of any harm or opposition that may come from people.

(Psalm 91 is a beautiful Psalm that will encourage and strengthen your heart- read it when you have a moment)

Overall, Psalm 56:3-4 conveys the message of finding courage and comfort in trusting God, even in the face of fear. It encourages believers (you and me) to place our confidence in God's promises and to recognize the limited power of human adversaries when compared to the power and faithfulness of God.

I will put my trust in the Lord

Can you say with me, " When I am afraid I will put my trust in You"?

When you are faced with circumstances that bring overwhelming fear, the key to overcoming it lies in placing your trust in God Almighty (El Shaddai). This involves actively experiencing and affirming His true nature as revealed in His Word.

By devoting time to practicing the presence of God, you will sense His reassuring and tranquil presence. It is through trusting God in this process that you can have confidence in His ability to intervene and bring about positive changes in your circumstances.

Free printable prayer journal

Can you entrust your fear to God?

Which circumstances must you surrender to Him and invite Him to enter the battle, fighting on your behalf?

Use our free printable prayer journal that was specifically designed for our 30 Psalms challenge on anxiety or a notebook to answer those questions above. You can download it here. Use it to go deeper as you ponder all that God will reveal to you as you spend time in His presence.

30 psalms for anxiety printable

Bible affirmation: Remind yourself often of these biblical truths.

  1. In moments of fear, choose to place your trust in God's unwavering faithfulness and you will find solace in His presence.

  2. Praise God through His Word and declare your trust in Him, just as David did knowing that His promises and guidance will sustain you through any situation.

  3. With God as your protector, you can release your worries and fears, recognizing that the power of mere mortals pales in comparison to the strength and sovereignty of God Almighty.

Psalm 56:3-4 prayer

Father, In moments of fear and uncertainty, I turn to You, my rock and refuge. Help me to place my complete trust in You, knowing that You are faithful and steadfast in Your love. I praise You for the sustaining power of Your word. As I meditate on Your character, fill my heart with Your peace and assurance. Thank You for being my constant source of comfort and strength. May Your promises and Your Word be my anchor, enabling me to walk in unwavering faith. I trust in You Father, for You are my refuge and my shield. Amen.

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Karen xx.


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