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Printable Devotions For Women's Groups

printable devotions for womens groups

Welcome to our collection of printable devotions, designed for personal and women's groups seeking to deepen their faith and draw closer to God, written by Karen for Scriptural Grace.

Printable Devotions For Women's Groups

Are you a small group leader or planning to be one?

As a small group leader, you have an important role in guiding discussions, encouraging participation, and nurturing a safe space where members can share their hearts and grow together.

Are you looking for inspiring and relevant study material for your women's group?

Our Strong Women In The Bible printable devotional study is a favorite here at Scriptural Grace.

We study 9 awesome strong women from the Bible and apply the lessons that we can learn from their experiences! You will get 30 Days of devotionals and a guided prayer journal/workbook for each day.

Let me introduce you to the 9 faithful strong women that we will be studying:

  1. Esther - a woman of strength and dignity. She was an exceptional woman!

  2. Deborah - a woman of valor. She was a phenomenal woman. She listened to the voice of God.

  3. Mary - the mother of Jesus and her strong faith in God. She was an amazing woman who said 'yes' to God at a very young age and impacted humanity eternally!

  4. Hannah - fervent in prayer. She was a remarkable woman of faith.

  5. Sarah - discovered that nothing is impossible for God. This amazing woman gave birth when she was very old and she has some lessons to teach us about trusting God and His word!

  6. Ruth - a loving and loyal woman. This exceptional woman will teach you to love well.

  7. Rahab - fearless and full of faith. She truly is a phenomenal woman! She has some very exciting lessons to teach us about redemption.

  8. Miriam - we will learn to dance like Miriam but take note she didn't finish well!

  9. Martha - we will learn to serve and have faith like Martha. She is another remarkable woman of the Bible. We know her sister, Mary better but there is so much scripture treasure to be mined from studying the characteristics of Martha!

You can check out that study HERE

Printable Devotions For Women

Our collection of printable devotions is designed to assist you in your important role as group leader. I know the excitement mixed with frustration trying to find something to suit the specific group of women you want to lead in group study.

The following studies I am sharing with you are the topics on my heart that I have wanted to teach in the churches my husband and I have worked with.

I'm passionate about deep-diving into devotional study on specific topics. I have written on four topics, The Practice Of The Presence Of God, Hebrew Names Of God, Psalms For Anxiety, and God's Amazing Grace, and I'm currently writing our fifth study, Who Is The Holy Spirit And What Does He Do?

Here's how these devotions can be a valuable resource for you and your group:

  1. Structured and Thematic: Each devotion is structured around key themes that are relevant and impactful. Whether you're focusing on practicing God's presence, finding peace through the Psalms, exploring the Hebrew names of God, or experiencing God's amazing grace, you'll have a clear and cohesive study plan to follow.

  2. Engaging Content: The devotions are full of scripture readings, reflective questions, and practical applications, they provide a rich foundation for deep and engaging discussions.

  3. Flexible Use: These devotions are versatile and can be used in various formats, whether you're meeting weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

  4. Encouraging Personal Growth: Each devotion encourages personal reflection, helping group members to apply the insights to their own lives.

3 Ways To Use Our Printable Devotions For Women's Groups

All our devotional Bible studies are formatted to last for 28-30 Days of study. However, take them at your own pace, to suit your own group needs.

There are 3 ways for you and your group to enjoy all the scripture truth in our devotional Bible studies:

1. Free Printable Devotions For Women's Groups:

You can read the devotional studies on the blog and print out the Free study journal (available in our Resource Library) There are also samples available of each study for you to download (they contain reflection and group discussion questions and a guided prayer journal in a digital/printable format)

If you like the free women's devotional lessons below, you’ll love what’s available in our online store.

2. Printable Devotions For Women's Group License:

All our devotional Bible studies are available to be purchased individually by each member of your group or you can avail of our group study license.

You need the group license if you are planning on using our printable studies with groups. They are large studies and the license permits you to email a copy to each member of your group only. And it is a great group discount offer!

To help with the cost of purchasing Bible study material for your own personal study or small group/church use, we have a wonderful super-saver Devotional Bible study bundle. It contains all our current and future printable/digital Devotional Bible studies and Prayer Resources for one low price. All you have to do is purchase the bundle once for Lifetime Access. This wonderful bundle also contains group study licenses. So if you think you will probably use more than one group study license, you benefit from purchasing our forever access Devotional Bible study bundle.

A 25% discount code is available to use on all our digital products for everyone who is a subscriber to our weekly Saturday email newsletter. You gain access to it HERE😉

List of printable devotionals for women's Group

Here is a list of our Devotional Bible studies:

Click on each day to reach the Free study and at the end, of each section, you will find a link to purchase the study if you wish to do so.

Names of God printable devotions for womens group

1. 30 Powerful Hebrew Names Of God And Their Meaning - 30-Day Devotional Bible Study

printable names of God for womens group

Purchase 30 Powerful Hebrew Names Of God And Their Meaning printable study :

(individual) Purchase HERE

(License and group discount) Purchase HERE

(Devotional Bible Study Bundle - super saver) Purchase HERE


practicing the presence of god devotions for womens groups

2. Practicing The Presence Of God - 31 Day Devotional Bible Study

Day 27. Lack Nothing

printable bible study practicing the presence of god

Purchase Practicing The Presence Of God Bible Study printable study :

(individual) Purchase HERE

(License and group discount) Purchase HERE

(Devotional Bible Study Bundle - super saver) Purchase HERE


 anxiety printable devotions for womens groups

3. 30 Psalms For Anxiety, Fear, Depression,  And Worry - Devotional Bible Study

Psalms for anxiety devotional bible study

Purchase 30 Days Of Psalms For Anxiety, Fear, Depression,  And Worry Devotional study :

(individual) Purchase HERE

(License and group discount) Purchase HERE

(Devotional Bible Study Bundle - super saver) Purchase HERE


gods amazing grace printable devotions for womens groups

4. God's Amazing Grace

The printable version of our God's Amazing Grace is coming soon.


 for womens groups

Free printable devotions for women's groups

Below is a list of Free printable devotions, including discussion questions. They are samples of our devotional Bible studies that you will find HERE


Bible Studies For Women's Small Group PDF

Bible Studies For Women's Small Group PDF

The following printable topical Bible studies are designed to enrich your group's spiritual journey. Each study includes comprehensive workbooks and engaging discussion/application questions. Anchored in the Word of God, these studies feature carefully selected Bible references for exploration and reflection. You'll find insightful background notes on the text, including details about the authors and the original audience of each passage. Many of these studies also teach you how to effectively use the S.O.A.P. method of Bible study, providing a structured and meaningful approach to Scripture.

3. Power Of A Praying Woman Scripture Prayer Journal - teaches how to pray using the A.C.T.S. method of prayer.

I encourage you to use these studies as a foundation for your meetings. Feel free to adapt them to suit your group's unique needs and dynamics. I hope these devotions inspire, encourage, and equip you as you lead your group closer to God. Thank you for your dedication to your women's group ministry.

If you need any further information about any of our studies, contact

You may be encouraged by these resources:

  • Scriptural Grace Resource Library (FREE) HERE. 

  • Devotional Bible Studies For Women And Quiet Time Resources Forever Access Bundle HERE 

  • Names of God resources HERE 

  • Topical Bible plans HERE 

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Karen xx.


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